A short game about networking in all its beauty.

Made for the Ludum Dare 37 Compo. This being my first ever jam and pretty much first game to ever be released into the public, 48h (48 - approx.40h of sleeping, so 8 hours really (not really)) was not enough to level the audio properly, rerecord first tries at voice recording, write normal conversations and make the game at least half as fun as what was intended, but hey, enjoy the little things in life, even if they're half-assed. Promise to make a bigger better version of this in cooperation with people who know what they're doing. Thank You for playing!

Use of headphones strongly advised.

6/5 - Some Fictional Game Magazine

"My 4th favourite walking simulator." - Somebody

If You want to get in touch with the mastermind behind this atrocity, You can do that by submitting a piece of electronic mail to the recipient ErikTheDev@gmail.com. Or follow the mostly empty twitter account @erikiene to get an announcement when a polished (re)make is released.


NetworkingTM_win64.zip 44 MB

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